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Support for Prison Leavers

Leaving custody, the first 72 hours

Making a Start

So you’ve just left prison and it feels great but now you’ve got 72 hours to organise the next chapter of your life before it all gets too much and hopelessness creeps in. The seemingly impossible reintegration into society can take its toll. You’re full of potential, full of ideas and plans and dreams, but somehow the more you try the harder things seem. I hate to break it to you but at the present time, this country is just not set up to provide support for prison leavers or dare I use the word ‘rehabilitate’ ex offenders.

Support for Prison Leavers
HOWEVER there are many amazing organisations and charities that have your back! Unrebel being one of those! We are here for you, all the way! In this part of the website you will find links to many wonderful places, offering all kinds of support for ex offenders to help you reintegrate into society and make positive change.

Finding Support

But first let us support you through the first 72 hours. I am going to write this to the majority and assume that on release you’re not walking into full time employment and so need support from the government. You’ll be needing a national insurance number, if you don’t have one. This may take up to 8 weeks but this won’t affect our application. You can use all the purple buttons to navigate to the correct sites, start now! Time is precious!
Now we need to get you a claim started for universal credit. So keep hitting those purple buttons. If you struggle – Get your probation officer to help you! It’s what they are there for! I’ve added more general support and advice for prison leavers, work coaches and probation officers on setting up universal credit and all entitlements.
When you’re released from custody you will receive your notification of release also known as discharge papers DO NOT lose them, we can use these as identification for universal credit. You should also have received a payment from the prison of £76 as of august 2021. This is your discharge grant. Spend it wisely! Money is very tight!
Once all this is completed it is important you apply for an advance payment. Use the purple button to show you how to do this! Your new claim advance payment will be paid out within the first few days to get you to the payment date of your universal credit claim. This could be some 6 weeks away! You will have to pay this money back from your monthly benefits.

Once your claim is submitted and you have received your advance, you can now relax a little. Buy some decent coffee, you deserve it! It can be hard work to get to this point.

Ready for change?

There is a lot of support for prison leavers out there. We have charities to explore and employment options for ex offenders. Support with addictions and more! I want to emphasise that all these organisations are here to HELP you, and even employ you! Keep calm and keep going, you are not alone. We are ALL here to support you. We have your back. Pick up a phone and just start calling EVERYONE. You have life experience and so potential to do amazing things, so let’s make amazing happen.